New Machinery Alert – Shotblaster 800mm x 600mm


Shot blasting is a surface treatment we use at Profin all the time to get parts ready for whatever coating they require next. Applying a coating to unclean materials can cause a lack of adhesion, sharp burrs and edges can cause lacerations.

How Does Shot Blasting Work?

Shot blasting works by propelling round materials known as shot media against a surface which in turn removes the contaminants of the surface and also can improve its finish.

At Profin we have two tumbling blasters of different sizes which can process parts up to 800mm long.

This process is a highly effective solution for removing contamination on metal substrates such as laser scale and weld burns or changing the coarseness or smoothness of a surface before coating.

Typically, Profin use a mixture of media (The common term used when describing the abrasive) to give the paint the perfect key.

Lots of our customers in the Earth moving sector rely on shot blasting to get the parts into the perfect condition prior to powder coating or ecoat and powder coating.

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