Powder Coating

Quality PowDER COATING to specification by Profin in and around the Midlands

What is Powder coating and how does it work?

Powder coating is a method of applying powder to a conductive substrate by electrically charging powder particles to deposit on substrates oppositely charged when influenced by a direct current.

The resultant paint finish is of a high aesthetic standard affording strong durability to impact and a high resistance to fading, corrosion and to the effects of corrosive liquids and chemicals.

In order to present the components in a fit state for powder coating, they may first have to undergo a series of preliminary processes at Profin we offer three pre treatments Zinc and Iron Phosphating or Shot blasting. 

Anticorrosion and durability depend upon the substrate, and type of pre-treatment used, typically Zinc Phosphate offers the best pre treatment for corrosion resistance.

Powder coat painting has been the preferred finish for conductive materials for many, many years. It has been used, and still is used, to coat components for domestic appliances, domestic radiators, metal office furniture, automotive parts and accessories.

Powder coatings are aesthetically pleasing, produce a uniform finish and can be custom formulated to produce a variety of finishes from high gloss to low gloss and in a variety of textures.


  • Polyester & Epoxy formulations available
  • BS & RAL NCS JCB Caterpillar colours
  • Colour matching (including metallics)
  • Low smoke and fume LUL powders

What are the benefits of Powder Coating?

  • A visually attractive finish
  • Can be obtained in a variety of colours and textures
  • High resistance to chemicals including battery acid, antifreeze, oil, diesel, and petrol
  • Polyester formulations are anti-weathering (reduce chalking effect in direct sunlight), extremely durable, and damage resistant to scratching and stone chipping
  • Extremely good adhesion qualities when sprayed over electrocoat
  • Cost effective Coating with shorter lead times

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