Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What do you need to be able to quote?
  • Details of the finish you require or, if you are unsure, we are happy to help and offer our expertise in proposing suitable options.
  • Batch sizes and annual volumes.
  • Any automotive or other industry specification associated requirements.
  • Drawings or samples of the parts. We offer a free in-house 3D printing service and offer competitive pricing on smaller parts.
How quickly can you turn around my job?
  • Standard turnaround is typically 48-96 hours.
  • We offer a chargeable fast-track service which can turn work round in under 24 hours. This is dependent on parts and finish.
  • Last year we hit customer quoted turnarounds 96.4% of the time.
What are your salt spray guarantees?
  • We offer up to a maximum of a 1000 hours salt spray for E Coat.

  • We offer up to a maximum of a 500 hours salt spray for Powder Coating.

  • We offer up to a maximum of a 720 hours salt spray for Dip Spin and Centrifugal Painting.

    Do you offer free samples?
    • Do you offer free samples?  Generally speaking, we can provide a small number of samples in the finish you require. The only main reservation on this is a request for a finish in a non-stocked product.

      What colours do you offer?
      • We only offer E-Coat in black.
      • Powder Coating is available in most RAL & BS colours, metallic, textured, and gloss levels.
      • We also provide a colour matching service for Powder Coating, Dip Spin, and Centrifugal Painting.
      Does Profin provide transport?
      • Yes. We have transport available to meet customer demand (T&C apply).
      What is your minimum charge?
      • This varies depending on the finish and volumes required. It usually starts at £75 – £100.
      What about bespoke jigging and masking?
      • We generally quote for painting on standard jigging frets but we do excel at creating bespoke jigging fixtures and masking solutions for those difficult to paint parts.
      How do I contact you?
      • Ring on 01527 524126 – your call will be answered quickly by a friendly, expert member of the sales team (not a machine).
      • Please email – sales@profingroup.co.uk.
      • Or you can fill in our form on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.