Anti-Microbial Powder COATING

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Profin protective Finishing offers medical grade, anti-microbial powder coating for use in medical and health care applications.

The medical grade powder we use, is designed to slow the spread of bacteria, moulds and fungus. Which is typically used in Surgeries, Hospitals and even in dental practices.

The reason for coating surfaces in medical grade powders is to help prevent with the right cleaning, the spread of many diseases and viruses such as corona virus. Which therefore helps to protect patients as well as staff from any harm.

The powders are also very durable which means they will last a long time and take whatever is thrown at them such as corrosion and chemical damage, from cleaning. 

Quality is at the forefront of the business and when working with these sorts of parts we make no exception, as we take great care in pre-process care all the way through to the end of line inspection as well as offering certain testing in house

We work with some of the world leading suppliers for our products such as Inver Valspar and Cromadex AkzoNobel who stock a range of anti-bacterial coatings for a range of products used in the healthcare sector, door push plates, and door handles.

Other Products we paint using anti-bacterial powder coating for are:

Mobility aids

Stair Lift components

Medical brackets

If you are in need of quality powder coater at a cost effective price, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our email or via our contact us page