We operate an Integrated Management System for all activities and processes on site that have potential to impact on the quality of our output

We hold an extensive database of specifications to achieve the quality requirements of all leading OEM’s

Our overall objective is to supply “right first time” 100% painted finishes that fully meet or exceed customer expectations.

The consistent aim is always for the highest quality of finish to achieve visual appeal, durability and longevity of the parts processed.

Thorough understanding and achievement of customer specific requirements is through review of customers’ supplier manuals, PPAP activity and a great deal of 1-2-1 communication and focussed input into trialling suitable methods for difficult and challenging finishing projects.

Monitoring of effectiveness of our quality standards is an ongoing process and we encourage direct customer feedback, undertake annual questionnaire reviews and enjoy very many referrals from a growing satisfied customer base.

Proactively reviewing our processes and always prepared to learn from all our experiences, we actively demonstrate our commitment to the pursuit of continuous improvement.

As a service provider we do not produce or manufacture product, which forms the basis of Profin’s claimed exclusion from the product related requirements of clause 8.3 – Design and development of products and services.


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