Zinc Flake and Dip Spin Coatings

Quality Centrifugal coating by Profin to specification in and around the Midlands


Dip Spin is a method that involves applying a thin coating on small parts using centrifugal force to control film thickness. The force generated by the high rate of basket speed allows for consistent, even coating over a short period of time. Zinc flake coatings provides a high grade of corrosion protection using combinations of specialized base and top coats. Largely embraced by the fastener industry such coatings find widespread use within a variety of applications. The coating provides very durable corrosion resistance for normal outdoor applications and has good resistance to mild chemicals petrol and brake fluids.
This is the cost most cost-effective coating for smaller parts such as fasteners and pressed parts.

Generally zinc-flake coating compared to Zinc plating lasts longer, is more resistant to corrosion, and is more predictable during the application process.

Xylan coatings are dry-film lubricants combined in a matrix with high-temperature organic polymers developed to provide unique and desirable properties, typically used in the oil and gas industry as the Xylan coatings provide lubrication and controlled friction, wear resistance, heat resistance, non-stick and release properties.

Each type of Xylan is formulated and designed for a particular application, these include anti-friction, anti-corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance, as well as being formulated for chemical resistance, and much more. 


What are the benefits of Dip Spin/Zintek?


  • Zintek (sacrificial zinc rich)
  • Xylan (fluoropolymer coating)
  • Colour coding enamels
  • Centrifugal stoving paints
  • No hydrogen embrittlement occurring
  • Approved by OEMs and Tier 1s worldwide
  • High temperature and chemical resistance with inorganic top coat
  • Fully black or silver finish with excellent corrosion resistance

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