Ecoat (Ecoating) Uses you have never heard of!


Electrocoating is a method of applying paint to a conductive substrate. The process is also known as E Coat, EP Paint, KTL, Electro paint, E-Coat, EPD, E Coating and Cathodic Electrophoretic Painting.
It is used predominantly in the automotive industry as a specification of choice by all tier one motor manufacturers.

However electrocoating has many other uses throughout a wide array of industries.

An interesting one is as a coating on Kettle bells and barbell handles as the super thin coating makes it much easier to grip.  It is also significantly more durable than traditional grey iron with a higher tensile strength and yield strength + greater corrosion resistance.

As a wet application, our low gloss E-coat goes on thinner than powder coating, resulting in a smooth feel that retains more of the natural grit of the casting which for weightlifting is essential.

E-Coated Kettlebells will hold chalk and are easier to clean than traditional powder coat KBs.

At Profin we also paint thousands of dart spanners every year as its much more cost effective painting solution to achieve the customer’s the desired aesthetically pleasing black finish. 

E-Coat is used widely used for MOD coating of military equipment due to its cost effectiveness of the process and durable uniform coating. The low gloss black finish aids in reducing reflectiveness for visibility by lasers on the battlefield. 

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